Jacob Mailei Jacob discovered his love for music at a young age. Growing up in a large Samoan family and church, he was surrounded by music all the time. Whether it was pop songs played through a radio, hymns sung at church or even classical 
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Manuel Andrade Manuel Andrade is one of the founders of Epic School of Music, where he is a dynamic, motivated and very passionate music teacher. Manuel started his music career in Colombia, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Music Education) at the 
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Juan Manuel Alvear Juan Alvear is one of the founders of Epic School of Music, one of the leading music schools in St George area. With more than 10 years experience in the music education field, Juan is a versatile, active, energetic and inspiring music 
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Ayshe Topal Ayshe Topal is a Sydney based singer and vocal teacher, and one of the co-founders of Epic School of Music. Ayshe was born and raised in South West Sydney, and has been performing as a vocalist in the music scene and teaching for 
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Ethan Pastor Ethan Pastor is a Sydney Based musician, who has dedicated the past 10 years to mastering his craft in classical guitar and drums. Ethan was born within the Sutherland district, and throughout completing high school established a large and loyal student base where 
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