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What is vocal health

LET’S TALK ABOUT VOCAL HEALTH FOR SINGERS! Vocal health for singers. What’s something that we are likely to use and perhaps overuse …


ICONS OF ROCK’N’ROLL The New York Disc Jockey Alan Freed did popularize the term rock’n’roll to this teen-oriented form of music that …

singers vocal range

VOCAL RANGE – And we’re back!! 🙂 Welcome everyone to my third blog which will be about Vocal Range. “LA LA LA …

tips on how to write your own song

Ideas and tricks to write your own songs Hello and welcome to my second post on ideas and tricks to write your …

MY FIRST SONG WRITTEN IN ENGLISH!!! !!! How to write a song? Hello everybody and welcome to our blog, today I’m beginning a series of posts showing how

music history the origen of pop

MUSIC HISTORY: THE ORIGIN OF POP For many years around our planet, many musical genres have enjoyed mass appeal for a limited …

vocal anatomy for singers

LET’S TALK ABOUT VOCAL ANATOMY FOR SINGERS! Welcome back everybody! Ayshe here and right now you are reading my second blog! Woohoo…thank …

How to write a song

Let’s write a song!!! How do you write a song for the first time? or How to write music for a song? …

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