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music history the origen of pop

What is the origin of pop music

MUSIC HISTORY: THE ORIGIN OF POP For many years around our planet, many musical genres have enjoyed mass appeal for a limited time. Few of them, have been able to match the influence of pop music that started in North America in the 1950’s. The

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vocal anatomy for singers

Vocal anatomy for singers

LET’S TALK ABOUT VOCAL ANATOMY FOR SINGERS! Welcome back everybody! Ayshe here and right now you are reading my second blog! Woohoo…thank you for stopping by! Okay, so let’s pick up where we last dropped off….In my first blog I was talking about Vocal Health

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What is vocal health

Vocal health for singers

LET’S TALK ABOUT VOCAL HEALTH FOR SINGERS! Vocal health for singers. What’s something that we are likely to use and perhaps overuse or even misuse everyday? Can you think of something? Well I’ll go ahead and tell you anyway because this blog is going to

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