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Juan Manuel Alvear Music Instructor Hurstville, music teacher Sydney, Music Coach near me Bexley Allawah Penshurst, guitar teacher, piano instructor, drums, singing


Piano teacher | Guitar teacher | Bass Guitar teacher | Drums teacher

Juan Alvear is one of the founders of Epic School of Music, one of the leading music schools in St George area. 

With more than 10 years experience in the music education field, Juan is a versatile, active, energetic and inspiring music tutor who offers tailored music lessons according to students’ needs and desires.

Due to his wide expertise in the music teaching industry, Juan offers solid tutoring and mentoring in classical and contemporary music. As a multi-instrumentalist, he conducts lessons in piano, guitar, bass and drums from a wide range of musical periods and genres.

Teaching students all about the importance of obtaining musical skills, such as sight-reading, technique, improvisation and aural training just to name a few is paramount of course. However, Juan also believes it is highly vital to create special bonds with his students in order to help facilitate progress in their learning. Students who are able to develop this kind of connection with their teachers are more likely to have a driven learning process and more engagement with other musical activities. 

Juan Manuel
Music Teacher

Piano teacher | Guitar teacher | Bass Guitar teacher | Drums teacher

Manuel Andrade Music Instructor Hurstville, music teacher Sydney, Music Coach near me Bexley Allawah Penshurst, guitar teacher, piano instructor, drums, singing


Guitar teacher | Bass Guitar teacher | Drums teacher

Manuel Andrade is one of the founders of Epic School of Music, where he is a dynamic, motivated and very passionate music teacher. Manuel started his music career in Colombia, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Music Education) at the Valley University. This degree provided him with an in-depth understanding and knowledge on music education, theory, history, composition, arrangements, and other important concepts for his teaching career.

After he graduated he worked as a music teacher at a private music school for 4 years, where he specialised in guitar, bass, drums, composition and music production. Manuel’s passion for sound production led him to start his own company in 2003, named Sonata Productions. His job at Sonata Productions included composing, recording, editing and mixing music for radio and television, as well as recording bands and local solo artists.

To expand his knowledge in sound technology, Manuel moved to Byron Bay, Australia in 2008 to study a Bachelor in Audio Production at SAE. Later, in 2010, he moved to Sydney to continue his educational journey towards a Master of Teaching (Music) degree at University of Western Sydney. Here, Manuel had the opportunity to study further the NSW curriculum and inclusive teaching strategies, among many other relevant subjects. 

Soon after, Manuel then taught for 7 years at a music school in Sydney, as a guitar, bass and drums teacher, along with leading the Band Program. Manuel became director of the music school for 4 years during this time, where he was responsible for the organisation of curriculum, concerts, recordings, ensembles, music videos, along with leading and supervising all music teachers.

One of my strongest interests is to help students in becoming the best versions of themselves. To guide and inspire them to create and achieve their greater goals!”

Manuel A.
Music Teacher

Guitar teacher | Bass Guitar teacher | Drums teacher

Ayshe Topal music instructor hurstville, music teacher sydney, music coach near me bexley allawah penshurst, vocal teacher, singing instructor, drums, guitar, piano

Ayshe Topal

Vocal teacher | Singing teacher

Ayshe Topal is a Sydney based singer and vocal teacher, and one of the co-founders of Epic School of Music. Ayshe was born and raised in South West Sydney, and has been performing as a vocalist in the music scene and teaching for over 10 years. She has been working with numerous well established Sydney based bands and musicians, where she has had the privilege to perform at some of the most iconic venues in and around Sydney.

Ayshe’s love for music and singing grew rapidly from a young age, where she was heavily influenced by a large variety of musical styles. As a child, Ayshe’s musical taste was influenced by her family’s love for Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, Pop, Soul and Funk music. Artists such as Roy Orbison, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Carole King, Elvis Presley, Earth Wind & Fire, Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson and many more artists set the groundwork for Ayshe’s love for music and singing. This all nurtured Ayshe’s love toward vast musical influencers and vocal powerhouses such as Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Prince, Queen, Elton John and many, many more.

After completing high school, Ayshe went on to study a music degree at the Australian School of Music in Surry Hills. In 2011, Ayshe completed and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Performance, majoring in Voice. She went on to further develop her vocal knowledge and technique by attending vocal workshops and voice mentoring sessions with some of Australia’s most successfully established session singers and musicians in the music industry.

Ayshe’s extensive teaching portfolio and involvement in one on one and group lessons helped to enhance Ayshe’s love for people, their experiences and their behaviours. Her passion for music and people led her towards embarking on an additional journey into psychotherapy and counselling. Ayshe pursued further study and now also holds a Diploma in Counselling, where she graduated from Jansen Newman School, inSydney in 2016. Ayshe is sensitive to her students’ personal history and current goals and uses a person-centered approach in her teachings, where she facilitates her lessons with careful mindfulness, empathy, encouragement and positivity. Ayshe believes she has the skills and confidence to help empower her students to be the best versions of themselves through the art of singing and music.

“I am conscious and sensitive to all students’ life experiences and what has led them to who and where they are today. So, that is why I simply regard each student as human beings with beautiful, complex vulnerabilities first, and then as vocal students second.”

Ayshe T.
Music Teacher

Vocal teacher | Singing teacher

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