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Music Lessons Hurstville NSW, Australia​

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Music Lessons Hurstville NSW​. We offer lessons of piano, guitar, bass, drums and singing.

Piano lessons Hurstville NSW

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced piano student, private piano lessons with supportive and motivating piano teachers are the best way to develop your skills at our music school.

Guitar lessons Hurstville NSW

At Epic School of Music we believe that in order to be a great musician, it is important to understand the many aspects of music. That is why our approach to music teaching is different.

Singing lessons Hurstville NSW

At our music school we take pride in our approach to singing lessons. Our teacher makes sure to understand the needs and desires of each student in order to tailor the lessons to best suit the individual.

Drums Lessons

Our drums lessons will teach you how to read music, correct hand technique, build speed development, use the metronome, improvise and how to be part of a band

Bass Lessons

At Epic School of Music you will learn how to develop your sound and playing style, correct positioning of your hands, understand bass techniques and music theory. 

Band Practice

Practice in our music school with a band. We offer a vibrant band program where you will learn how to correctly set up your equipment, how to play in time with other musicians.

Music Production

Start producing the music you love at a quality level in our intimate class setting. From diving into the top music production softwares, to mastering your own EP.

Music School


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